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Pairing artificial intelligence (AI) with blockchain technology holds the promise to radically overhaul the music scene, enhancing artistic innovation and ensuring just compensation and transparency for creators.

With AI’s escalating role in generating or mimicking music, it’s become a challenge to differentiate between human-created and AI-produced tunes. Compounding this, AI often learns from existing music without the original artist’s awareness or approval, leading to a slew of ethical and legal conundrums.

Hanna Kahlert, an expert at MIDiA Research, explained, “Because of how the generative AI works, you can’t really tell what has gone into it and how that results in what comes out,” She added, “The problems that this poses is misinformation and deep-fakes, just a lack of trust in what you can see on the internet,”

Kahlert believes that blockchain can be the remedy for these challenges. It can meticulously trace the origins of musical pieces, safeguarding copyright norms and guaranteeing rightful earnings for artists.

Additionally, blockchain can foster a more direct bond between musicians and their audience, sidelining intermediaries such as major record labels and dominant streaming platforms like Spotify.