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Singapore’s premier bank, DBS Bank, has announced a fresh aspect of its metaverse engagement in The Sandbox, anticipated to be open for public access by year-end.

Titled “DBS BetterWorld”, the bank is set to offer a gamified journey in the metaverse, emphasizing the potential of virtual experiences to drive positive change.

Participants will engage in a sequence of tasks inspired by five enterprises backed by the DBS Foundation, focusing on reducing food wastage, as detailed in a press release provided to The Block.

The BetterWorld experience is slated to be unveiled once The Sandbox initiates its Alpha Season 4, later in the year.

DBS’ Foray into the Metaverse

This innovative step is a continuation of DBS Bank’s previous venture when it purchased a section in The Sandbox’s virtual realm last year, intending to craft the BetterWorld concept.

It’s noteworthy that another major bank, HSBC, also staked its claim in The Sandbox’s virtual space in the previous year, aiming to create a digital platform to resonate with sports, esports, and gaming aficionados.