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Driven by growing concerns over misuse, such as cryptocurrency mining, Dropbox is transitioning away from its previously unlimited Advanced storage offering and introducing measured plans.

Announced on Aug. 24th via its blog, Dropbox is revising its “all the space you need” Advanced plan. Intended primarily for businesses, the plan will now have defined storage boundaries to curb misuse and provide a consistent experience for legitimate users.

Such misuses encompassed activities like cryptocurrency mining, pooling personal storage, and unauthorized storage reselling. This strategic move by Dropbox is in line with similar decisions by industry counterparts, including Microsoft and Google, who’ve also recently limited their previously unlimited storage offers.

Originally catering to businesses seeking limitless storage for growth, Dropbox discerned that its model was prone to exploitation, which compromised service quality. From Nov. 1st, Advanced plan users with at least three active licenses will be allocated 15 terabytes of collective storage. Extra storage will be available for both existing and new clients at market-competitive prices.

In this transition, Dropbox is committed to working closely with its customers to explore suitable storage alternatives. While the change may be a setback for some, Dropbox’s primary goal remains: offering a reliable and efficient service for its dedicated user base.