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Green community achieves 5,000 active decentralized nodes.

Green, the first blockchain project to tackle the global energy crisis by implementing the Proof of Power algorithm to reward responsible energy consumption, activated its five-thousandth node this past month. The 5,000 node milestone represents a major milestone in the adoption of Green as the standard currency in the emerging energy marketplace.

The Proof of Power algorithm was developed as a mechanism to incentivize personal energy production by authenticating the means by which energy is both generated and used. Proof of Power is unique to the Green blockchain, and since 2018, a growing community of Green node owners has been leveraging the algorithm to earn compounded, bitcoin-like, digital rewards as they mine Green. Although it has recently passed the 5,000 node mark, Green is not slowing down – activation of Green nodes is accelerating. Within months the number of active and listening Green nodes will surpass the number of active Ethereum nodes (5,289).

Green is on track to surpass the number of Ethereum nodes in 2022.

The ultimate goal of Green is to enable a global energy market where private individuals produce and sell their excess green energy. The more nodes on the Green network, the better positioned it is to affect substantial change in the energy sector. A network of 5,000 nodes demonstrates the blockchain community’s confidence in and support for Green’s mission. As more people become familiar with blockchain technology and how it can radically improve the way most every major industry operates, Green will only get bigger.

Individuals, small businesses, and municipalities that would like to join the energy revolution can visit to learn how to obtain and activate their own Green node.

Launched in beta in 2018, and currently running on over 5,000 Green nodes around the world, the Green blockchain is the first and largest decentralized public power grid in the world. Miners earn Green, the native token of the Green blockchain, by performing actions that are rewarded according to a novel work algorithm called ‘Proof of Power’. Green aims to become the de facto currency in the emerging decentralized global energy market place.

Green was founded by a community of blockchain early adopters and developers, and is operated by a decentralized and diverse group of energy industry thought leaders, entrepreneurs, developers, and blockchain enthusiasts. Green is truly power for the people.

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