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Connect Launches the world’s first decentralized social blockchain.

Connect, the marketplace and digital wallet built upon the Win Blockchain, today unveiled its new social platform as part of its ongoing effort to bring the blockchain to the mainstream.

As a global community of blockchain purists, Connect is dedicated to making the benefits of blockchain technology available to everybody through inclusion, education, positivity, and support. The Connect social platform is a key milestone in that mission in that it promotes informal and authentic information exchange in a completely secure and totally safe way. Unlike other major social platforms, Connect is built upon the WIN blockchain, so it is decentralized, secured, private, and for all intent and purposes totally anonymous. Connect doesn’t sell personal information to third parties, in fact Connect doesn’t even collect personal information.

Connect was conceived in response to the negative and often dissatisfying user experience on traditional social networks. Owned and operated by the users… say hello to decentralized social connections… pun intended.

The Connect Social platform was conceived by the founding members of the Connect Community as a means to both promote communication without compromising privacy, and to battle the disinformation surrounding the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and related technologies. As blockchain purists, the Connect community feels it is absolutely imperative that newcomers to cryptocurrency become as informed as possible.

Launched in BETA in 2018 by a consortium of thought leaders and blockchain developers, Connect is a global community of forward-thinking technologists, economists, entrepreneurs, and consumers who believe the blockchain will radically revolutionize how the world produces, consumes, and regulates energy, healthcare, information, banking, and other essential products and services.

At the heart of Connect lies the Win blockchain – the technology behind some of the most popular purpose-built cryptocurrencies in the world. By cleverly leveraging cutting edge Proof of Action algorithms to optimize the blockchain’s inherent smart contract features, Connect provides greater security, sovereignty, and simplicity to those looking for a purer realization of the promise of the blockchain.

As a comprehensive platform, Connect provides a marketplace, an online and mobile application, a knowledge center, a social network, a secure cryptocurrency wallet, and an app store – all with the express purpose of empowering everyday people to learn about the blockchain, get involved, and take control of their financial independence, health, privacy, security, freedom, and energy consumption.

Through the further development, promulgation, and widespread adoption of blockchain technology, everybody – not just the technically proficient or wealthy – can transform their lives. Connect is their first step to a brighter future.

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