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Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano’s blockchain development company Input Output Global (IOG), recently expressed criticism towards Ethereum’s proposed changes to its staking structure. His comments came following a video shared on the social media platform X by user Stake with Pride, featuring Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin discussing the centralization issues in Ethereum’s current staking system and outlining plans for its overhaul.

In response to a user’s accusation of “fuelling hostility” between Cardano and Ethereum, Hoskinson denied such claims. He pointed out that Buterin is “rediscovering what we’ve been working on for almost a decade, and it’s like a new revelation,” expressing surprise at the lack of acknowledgment for Cardano’s efforts in this area.

Previous Exchanges and Cardano’s Decentralization Efforts

Hoskinson’s critique is not the first instance of his engagement with Buterin’s ideas. Earlier in October, he had playfully responded to a post by Buterin detailing the benefits of proposed staking changes for users with limited resources for independent staking.

Meanwhile, Hoskinson has been vocal about Cardano’s progression towards a “full-blown” decentralized governance model. This shift, part of Cardano’s transition into the Voltaire phase of its development roadmap, involves transferring all repositories to a community-run project named Intersect, as reported on November 17.

Cardano’s ADA token was trading at $0.381 at the time of the report, reflecting a 2.50% decline over the day and a 2.83% decrease over the week. However, it maintained a 30.08% gain on the monthly chart, as noted on November 27.