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Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, perceives the recent settlement between Binance and the Department of Justice (DOJ) as an opportunity for the cryptocurrency industry to emphasize compliance and regulatory clarity. This approach could prevent massive fines imposed by regulators on crypto companies.

In a post on X (Twitter), Armstrong reflected on the settlement, emphasizing the importance of adherence to regulatory guidelines. He discussed Coinbase’s commitment to compliance since its inception in 2012, highlighting the exchange’s efforts to earn customer trust and operate transparently, including becoming a public company in 2021.

“… (We) made it clear our brand was about trust with our customers and following the rules. We wanted to increase transparency and raise the bar on trust, so we became a public company in 2021.”

During a Bloomberg interview, Armstrong acknowledged that Coinbase’s compliance-focused approach slowed its expansion and product rollouts compared to competitors. However, he maintained that this strategy was the correct choice for the company.

He urged regulators to establish clear rules for the cryptocurrency sector in the United States, to avoid pushing American users toward unregistered foreign exchanges. Armstrong believes the democratic economy of the U.S. should be conducive to the benefits offered by cryptocurrencies.

“We now have an opportunity to start a new chapter for this industry. We took a lot of arrows operating here in the U.S. due to the lack of regulatory clarity, and my hope is that today’s news serves as a catalyst to finally achieve that.”

Coinbase’s Stance on Regulation and Expansion

Coinbase has been actively involved in seeking regulatory clarity through court cases and Congress, especially in light of recent actions by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against the company. Armstrong sees the legal challenges as a pathway to much-needed regulatory clarity for the industry.

The CEO remains optimistic about the industry’s future, regardless of the outcome of the legal battles. A report by CoinGecko shows Coinbase leading lobbying efforts in Washington, demonstrating its commitment to influencing the regulatory landscape.

With an eye on global expansion, Coinbase recently selected Ireland as its European base and is looking to enter newly regulated markets across various continents. Armstrong dismissed the need to acquire Binance’s assets, confident in Coinbase’s technology and expansion strategy. He also defended the crypto sector against claims of widespread illegal activity, comparing it favorably to the usage of the US Dollar in illicit transactions.

In conclusion, Armstrong lauded the growth and potential of the cryptocurrency market, highlighting key areas such as user control over digital data, economic freedom, and the development of web3 technologies.