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The Tbilisi Silk Road Forum drew to a close on October 27, wrapping up two engaging days filled with dialogues about the evolution of fintech, digital currencies, and worldwide connectivity.

Ben Zhou, the CEO and co-founder of renowned cryptocurrency exchange Bybit, was in the spotlight during the event. Addressing an international audience of more than 2,000 attendees hailing from over 60 nations, Zhou shed light on Bybit’s methodologies for entering new markets, as disclosed to

Detailing Bybit’s strategy, Zhou remarked that considerations such as regulatory frameworks, closeness to central banking systems, the availability of skilled local talent, and supportive policies are paramount. He recognized Georgia’s potential, highlighting its progressive central bank and conducive regulatory scene, suggesting it could emerge as a pivotal hub for Bybit.

Diving into the trust factor associated with cryptocurrencies, Zhou provided insights into the astonishing rise witnessed in the crypto realm over the past half-decade, with concepts like NFTs and decentralized finance becoming household names. Zhou emphasized the newfound credibility of cryptocurrencies, which he observed was especially evident in nations grappling with volatile financial infrastructures. He elaborated that entities like Bybit have evolved beyond mere trading platforms, now serving as trustworthy avenues for financial transactions, including crypto-fiat conversions and yielding returns on investments.

Elaborating on the importance of security, Zhou proudly pointed out Bybit’s unblemished track record – an absence of any security breaches or outages since its inception in 2018, setting it apart in a domain often targeted by cyber adversaries. Concluding his discourse, Zhou characterized Bybit’s foundational principle as a facilitator carving pathways towards the anticipated Web3 era.

“Our mission is to empower individuals, businesses, and economies to thrive in this dynamic landscape. We don’t build the city, but we take people to the city, where the limitless potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency awaits.” – Ben Zhou

Broadening the perspective, the forum’s larger discussions encompassed areas like transportation infrastructure investments, logistics, connectivity, and supply chains. Esteemed personalities from the spheres of diplomacy, finance, and governance came together to deliberate on molding regional and global commerce.

Noteworthy contributors to the discourse included Georgia’s interim Central Bank Governor and the CEO of 500 Global.