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Blockchain-centric game NFL Rivals is on the cusp of reaching 3 million players, a mere four months after surpassing the 1 million mark.

John Linden, the seasoned CEO of Mythical Games, the creator of NFL Rivals and other popular games, announced, “We’re closing in on 3 million [new players].”

Highlighting the achievement, an NFL Rivals tweet on Tuesday read: “That’s a loooooot of touchdowns.”

In a mere two months following its release on Google Play and Apple Store on April 26, the game registered over a million downloads. By September, player count exceeded 2 million. This figure continues to grow, with the game garnering over 20,000 new players daily, as mentioned by Linden.

Post its August launch, Linden disclosed that NFL Rivals raked in “millions of dollars” in terms of revenue.

Factors Boosting Popularity

Several elements played a pivotal role in amplifying the game’s appeal:

  • Both Apple and Google sanctioned the in-game marketplace, empowering players to trade in non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This marketplace is set to roll out in three phases, with the upcoming phase facilitating asset sales via a “credit system.” In relation to these approvals, Linden pointed out, “We’ve seen a nearly 50% increase in transaction volume.”
  • The onset of the NFL season has seen metrics like daily and monthly user activity and revenue per player surge.
  • Not to be overlooked is the “brand cachet” aspect. Mythical Games boasts partnerships with influential brands such as the NFL, the NFL’s Players Association, the Miami Dolphins, and the newly-announced Amazon Prime Gaming.
  • For scalability reasons, the game transitioned from Ethereum to Polkadot, a decision announced earlier in April.

Furthermore, following a successful fundraising of $150 million in 2021, Mythical Games, with a valuation of $1.25 billion, has substantial industry backing. A funding round in June fetched them $37 million, championed by Scytale Digital and featuring contributors like ARK Invest, Animoca Brands, PROOF, and Andreessen Horowitz among others.

Linden revealed plans to procure an additional $38 million. Yet, based on insights from PitchBook, he informed the team that the initial closing sum was roughly half of their target, leading to a valuation dip of 20% and setting the pre-funding valuation at $965 million.

Despite reducing its workforce by 15% across three successive layoffs since November, a company representative clarified to PitchBook that it pertained to “right-sizing the business” rather than fundraising issues.