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McDonald’s Singapore has partnered with cryptocurrency platform Bandwagon Labs and local NFT creator ‘The Hidden Walls’ to unveil digital Grimace collectibles. These tokens are special in that they can be minted at no cost but cannot be traded or sold.

“Introducing the Grimace Digital Collectible – a collection of 2,000 unique Grimaces minted via the McDonald’s app! He’s cool, cute and totally purple,”

shared McDonald’s Singapore on social media, marking the conclusion of an initial access giveaway for minting.

Beginning August 31, these collectibles can be accessed solely via the McDonald’s Singapore app, as noted by Bandwagon. For minting, users must link their Digital Collectibles wallet through MetaMask or web3auth, then select ‘mint now’. Decrypt, referencing a McDonald’s spokesperson, revealed that these NFTs would be generated using Polygon.

NFTevening has labeled these NFTs as soulbound tokens. While freely accessible to everyone, these digital tokens cannot be sold or exchanged in secondary markets. Each account is restricted to a single redemption.

Drina Chee, Senior Director of Marketing & Digital Customer Experience at McDonald’s Singapore, expressed enthusiasm about this initiative, remarking:

“[We are] excited to bring Grimace closer to our fans through these unique digital collectibles,” transforming this renowned figure “from nostalgic memories to love for all generations.”

The Grimace Shake

A recognizable figure in McDonald’s lore, Grimace, introduced in 1972, is a lovable, muppet-esque character. A recent TikTok trend featuring the Grimace Shake, where participants simulate tragic ends after sipping the berry-infused beverage, often incorporating paranormal or demonic elements, has unintentionally promoted the mascot.

Marketing-Interactive, quoting McDonald’s, mentioned this NFT effort highlights McDonald’s Singapore’s commitment to pioneering innovation.

In other McDonald’s NFT ventures, McDonald’s Hong Kong joined forces with Ethereum-based game The Sandbox in July, establishing McNuggets Land for the Chicken McNuggets’ 40th anniversary. Last year, McDonald’s France showcased digital artworks of their iconic dishes with the ‘McDoNFT’ tag. Shortly after, the brand revealed an NFT series for its 31-year milestone in China, while the US division commemorated the McRib’s 40th anniversary with exclusive NFTs.