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As the cryptocurrency market flashes green after a bearish crisis that impacted most of its assets, Bitcoin (BTC) is following suit, recording an uptick both in terms of daily and weekly charts, and leading some experts to see the possibility of an upward reversion in the near future.

Specifically, a professional crypto trader known by his Twitter handle @CryptoDonAlt, has expressed his belief that Bitcoin could be in for a considerable move upward, setting $30,000 as the target support level to watch out for, according to his tweet published on July 6.

In the tweet, DonAlt said that this didn’t necessarily spell the end of the bear market, but possibly “a sizeable mean reversion.” He also said that there was “still A LOT of work to do but I still very much like this chart.”

Bitcoin TradingView chart. Source: CryptoDonAlt

Replying to a comment under the original tweet, the crypto trading expert has also specified that Bitcoin “could see it go to 30k and still make a new low after.”

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