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Metacade (MCADE) is bringing new features onto the blockchain, and token holders remain hopeful. A key reason lies with the platform’s creation of new crypto jobs for its users besides providing an option for anyone who wants to play on or contribute to the platform.

As an economic recession approaches, this could make Metacade a valuable project in the sphere.

Could Metacade’s crypto jobs help alleviate an economic recession?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, excessive quantitative easing meant that over 80% of all dollars in circulation were created between 2020 and 2022. This has led to a continually rising inflation rate, which could produce significant economic problems in the coming years.

In 2022, traditional technology stocks fell by up to 75%, with Meta (formerly Facebook), Amazon, Apple, and Tesla all affected. With growing fears of a long-term recession, the play-to-earn project Metacade wants to create an easy path for the affected.

Metacade is introducing crypto job opportunities and an option for users to earn. This initiative could alleviate many economic problems for people. Metacade is an open platform where users can earn crypto rewards online.

The MCADE token

The MCADE token recently started its presale and became of the most active in gaming.

Later in 2023, MCADE will be launched on exchanges, and the Metacade platform will go live. This could increase demand and reward early investors.

Experts remain optimistic as Metacade’s crypto jobs board could attract more users even during the expected recession. Moreover, Metacade offers earning mechanics through all of its key features.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a community-driven arcade on the blockchain. It could be the home to the largest collection of play-to-earn arcade games in Web3, with every title offering some financial rewards to Metacade users.

The platform also plans to become a central hub for blockchain gaming. It will display all the latest trends and connect users in new ways while offering a place to socialize, share alpha, and earn crypto income online.

How does MCADE work?

The MCADE token powers the Metacade platform and will be used to pay cryptocurrency rewards to all users.

The metaverse arcade offers both casual and competitive gameplay, allowing players to play solo or compete to win major MCADE prizes in ranked events.

The community hub will reward content creators for contributing to the platform. This can include posting game reviews, sharing insights, or interacting with other members of the Metacade community. All interactions and content produced could generate crypto income for creators on the platform.

Most notably, in an economic recession, Metacade is advertising new crypto job opportunities through its Work2Earn mechanic. Crypto jobs will range from part-time to full-time roles at some of Web3’s most exciting start-ups, including several of Metacade’s partner projects. The crypto jobs will be paid, offering a way to kickstart a career in blockchain technology.

Another crypto job being created by Metacade is the beta-testing feature. Gamers can access some of the best new blockchain games before they officially launch and get paid to provide feedback to the development teams. These crypto jobs will likely be paid in MCADE, allowing gamers to share their insights and fix bugs to secure new games before they go live.

Metacade in a recession

Metacade may help solve problems during an economic recession for its users. By introducing more crypto job opportunities, delivering earning potential, and providing a GameFi experience, Metacade is making strides in web3.

Besides, Metacade will fund the next wave of blockchain game developers through the Metagrants program. This feature will allow users to vote and decide which new games are best before Metacade provides early-stage funding to help bring the idea to life. This can help to maintain innovation during an economic recession, with Metacade providing even more value for the global economy.

Will MCADE perform during a recession?

Metacade’s crypto jobs board makes it visible in blockchain gaming. The project also goes above and beyond to ensure users can access the best new technologies and earning mechanics.

The MCADE token presale attracted $8m in 14 weeks, and there could be more upsides in the months ahead.