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In a pivotal moment of foresight back in 2013, Davinci Jeremie’s YouTube plea for viewers to invest a mere $1 in Bitcoin (BTC) seemed modest. With 1 BTC priced at around $111 then, the call may have appeared inconspicuous.

However, Jeremie’s prescient move has since transformed his life into one of opulence, marked by private plane travel and lavish yacht rides, as he stands among the pioneers who profited from the early days of cryptocurrency.

But despite his rise to financial power and Bitcoin’s whopping price surge over the past decade, Jeremie hasn’t stopped urging his followers to buy the crypto coin.

On August 1, the early Bitcoin visionary released another YouTube video, asking his followers to put a small portion of their wealth into BTC. Jeremie expects the current financial system to collapse as the global governments continue to print vast amounts of fiat money, which they’re giving to “friends” rather than the average person.

“The [fiat] currency will collapse, this is coming. They’re printing money non-stop and giving it to their friends and not to you. You are suffering the most, the average person is suffering the most in this current financial system.”

– Davinci Jeremie

Jeremie asks followers to put 5% of wealth into BTC

In his latest video, Davinci Jeremie focused on explaining how the current financial framework provides an unfavorable environment for everyone, particularly for those most financially vulnerable.

Even wealthy people that are making six figures “are not making it because of all the taxes. It is a scary thing to see, a sad thing to see,” the crypto guru added.

As a result, their savings have been wiped out by at least 25% to 30% in the past 3 to 4 years, Jeremie added, and by over 50% in the last 10 years.

Therefore, those who “want to survive,” Jeremie added, should put at least 5% of their wealth into Bitcoin.

“Why? Because there’s no stopping it. No government can stop it.”

– he added.

And its value will continue to go higher as traditional currency keeps depreciating. Jeremie calls this “a theft of grand,” urging his viewers to prevent it from happening to themselves.