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Curious about the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency craze? Here are some events for 2022!

Simply defined as a decentralized and distributed collection of databases shared amongst a computer network, there’s no doubt that Blockchain went beyond the walls of the financial world and turned itself into a disruptor for different industries such as cybersecurity, healthcare, e-commerce and payments.

The main innovation that Blockchain presents is that its databases store information in such a format that allows for all data to be held at the highest level of fidelity and security, as well as provide a record that implements trust without the need to implement third party applications or platforms. All these benefits and recent innovations are enabling Blockchain to not only have a crucial role in cryptocurrency systems such as Bitcoin but to truly become a strong technological force.

Whether you are a blockchain nerd, a savvy investor or someone interested in deepening their toes into this new craze, our list of curated and constantly updated Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conferences & Summits will keep you informed about the latest news!

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Last update: April 2022

Event Date Location Discount code
NEW YORK FINTECH WEEK 2022 April 18-22, 2022 New York City, NY
Blockchain Life 2022 April 20-21, 2022 Moscow, RUSSIA
Blockchain Revolution Global April 21-22, 2022 Toronto, CANADA
IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency May 2-5, 2022 Shanghai, CHINA
Reinventing the Financial Experience Through Digital Innovation May 4-5, 2022 Online
CROSSTECH EMEA May 10-12, 2022 Istanbul, TURKEY
Blockchain Expo North America May 11-12, 2022 Santa Clara, CA
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference May 17, 2022 Kyiv, UKRAINE
Permissionless May 17-19, 2022 Palm Beach, FL
Shred the System: Driving the Crypto & Blockchain Revolution May 18, 2022 Online
Israel Crypto Conference 2022 May 23-25, 2022 Tel Aviv, ISRAEL DecemberLabs
DC Blockchain Summit May 24, 2022 Washington, D.C.
Blockchain & Sustainable Economic Growth May 25-27, 2022 Washington, D.C.
Consesnsus 2022 June 9-12, 2022 Austin, TX 20% OFF
CROSSTECH COMPLIANCE June 21-22, 2022 Miami, FL & Sao Pablo, BRAZIL
European Blockchain Convention 2022 December Labs’ Pick! June 26-28, 2022 Barcelona, SPAIN 20DECEMBERLABS
Blockchain and Internet of Things Conference July 8-10, 2022 Tokyo, JAPAN
International Congress on Blockchain July 13-15, 2022 Hybrid: L’Aquila, ITALY & Online
Blockchain & Liberty for All July 14, 2022 Online
CROSSTECH MEXICO July 21-22, 2022 Ciudad de México, MEXICO
Sustainable Energy: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Aug 1-3, 2022 Online
Blockchain Futurist Conference 2022 December Labs’ Pick! Aug 9-10, 2022 Toronto, CANADA
SmartCon 2022 Sep 7-8, 2022 Hybrid: New York City, NY & Online
Blockchain Expo Europe Sep 20-21, 2022 Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
Blockchain in Oil & Gas Conference Sep 21-22, 2022 Hybrid: Houston, TX & Online
Blockchain Tech Summit Sep 24, 2022 Online
Blockchain & Infrastructure Sep 29-30, 2022 Washington, D.C.
Blockchain Economy Summit Oct 1-2, 2022 Dubai, UAE
DeFi Conference 2022 Oct 6, 2022 Belfast, IRELAND
Future Blockchain Summit Oct 10-13, 2022 Dubai, UAE
ELEV8CON PARABOLIC Oct 23-24, 2022 Las Vegas, NV
MONEYCONF Nov 1-4, 2022 Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Blockchain for Governance Nov 10-11, 2022 Barcelona, SPAIN
CROSSTECH WORLD Nov 15-18, 2022 Miami, FL
Istanbul Blockchain Week Nov 21-25, 2022 Istanbul, TURKEY
Blockchain Summit Nov 22-24, 2022 Online
Blockchain Expo Global Dec 1-2, 2022 London, UK
FinTech Connect Nov 30-Dec 1, 2022 Online

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