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LGND Music, the music NFT platform built on blockchain, has just unveiled its exclusive Virtual Vinyl digital collectibles, offering music fans a new way to collect and own their favorite tunes.

Virtual Vinyl is LGND Music’s high-res version of Music NFTs, allowing fans to purchase and own their music in a new and innovative way. This digital collectible adds value to the music ownership experience. It also offers a new level of transparency and accessibility for artists and rights-holders to receive royalty payments.

LGND Music has partnered with leading music labels and industry players, including Warner Music and Spinnin’ Records, to bring diverse Virtual Vinyl options to music fans. From popular chart-topping tracks to indie artist gems, there is a virtual vinyl for every music taste and budget.

Fans can purchase limited edition Virtual Vinyl options, including rare and hard-to-find pieces, making the platform a true destination for music collectors. These digital collectibles are not limited to a specific blockchain or platform, meaning users can play and sell them on any platform or blockchain.

The Virtual Vinyl experience is designed to provide music fans with a new way to collect and own music and connect them with like-minded fans worldwide through the platform. With the ability to browse different playlists and discover new music styles, LGND Music will be the one-stop shop for digital music collectibles.

Soon, LGND Music will partner with Metaverse providers to support trading events, enabling users to take their music wallets with them as they enter these virtual worlds. This will bring a new level of interaction and engagement between music fans and artists, further elevating the music ownership experience.

LGND Music is a community for music lovers to connect and celebrate their love for music. With the launch of Virtual Vinyl, music fans can once again own and re-sell their favorite music like those vintage records, but with the added benefits of digital ownership.