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One of the world’s most famous rappers, Kanye West, has been spotted wearing a Satoshi Nakamoto hat in Beverly Hills, California.

That’s just days after JP Morgan cancelled his bank account, with West complaining “I put $140 million into JPMorgan and they treated me like shit.”

He was kicked out of Instagram, so West took to Tweeter to complain to Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Instagram’s parent company Meta.

This censure was in response to Kanye West wearing a t-shirt that said “White Lives Matter,” and after wide criticism he completely lost it to say that he’s going to “Go death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE,” tweet now deleted, prompting JP  Morgan to close his bank account.

All this is of course in the context of the mid-term elections with an undeleted tweet by West saying: “Who you think created cancel culture?”

A culture wide censure and taboo where it concerns racism or anti-semitism has of course been in place since around 1945 when that sort of stuff kind of led to some very bad things.

But some are trying to explain this behavior by suggesting West’s recent divorce with Kim Kardashian, who herself was recently fined for ‘her crypto business’ as John Stewart called it, has taken an emotional toll.

Yet to some this might be a reminder that the ugly politics of especially 2018-19 have gotten even uglier, with some corners of the Republican party seemingly unwilling to close a lid on what led to shots in Congress.


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