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A wondrous tale of Hyundai Motor Company’s adventures into the NFT world

Hyundai Motor Company and Meta Kongz are collaborating to introduce you to new NFTs. What new paths will Hyundai open with NFTs? Here is the prologue.

Discover a New World with NFTs

The recent emergence of a completely new digital asset has taken over industries by storm. An image of a bored ape, a single tweet – people started to certify and invest in these assets for exclusive ownership, and at the forefront of this new digital trend were NFTs.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a new asset form that combines blockchain with digital creation. Unique digital code is applied to digital files to create ‘authentic sole ownership’ for individuals.

Hotshot of the NFT scene, Meta Kongz

Having a one-of-a-kind unique digital asset has owners showing off their NFTs, creating a particularly popular trend of PFP* NFTs. Notable among these is the gorilla NFT, Meta Kongz.

Meta Kongz made its stellar debut as the new face of the NFT scene last December. This NFT project of 10,000 randomly created 3D gorilla illustrations shot up to make its mark in the NFT open marketplace global Top 100 in a short amount of time.

So, what happens when one of these popular and special Meta Kongz NFT gorillas meets Hyundai Motor Company?

Hyundai PONY meets Meta Kongz

The 1975 PONY*, the iconic heritage of Hyundai Motor Company, is coming together with the 2021 Meta Kongz, which is at the forefront of the trends in the digital world. A limited collaboration collection of 30 unique NFTs will be issued to commemorate this memorable first encounter.

PONY and Meta Kongz are opening the door to a new world that transcends time and space. Meta Kongz has paved the way for PONY to swiftly depart on an exciting adventure to the new world.

They encounter many meteor showers along the way, and the shooting stars will be the first ticket into a whole new world. What secrets are held within those stars? How will the shooting stars guide you to new NFTs?

Hyundai Motor Company has already introduced the concept and vision for ‘Metamobility’, which will expand human reach to access ultimate freedom of mobility. We aim to bring that vision to life through the new world of ‘Hyundai Metamobility universe’.
Starting with the official NFT launch in May, Hyundai will issue various NFTs as innovative mobility vehicles to guide you through the Hyundai Metamobility universe. This world will be unlike anything you’ve encountered before, where mobility connects and revolves around you for new mobility experiences. We’re inviting you as our first guests to this wondrous world full of imagination.
News and updates about Hyundai’s diverse NFT collection will
be posted on our official Twitter(@hyundai_nft ) and Discord( ).


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