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Welcome to Galvan.


1. Informatics

Our decisions are only as good as the information upon which they are based.

Galvan aims to become the most reliable and transparent source of medical information in the world, showing you which treatments are most effective based on outcomes, while also equipping you to manage and store your own medical records.

2. Assessment

The better we understand ourselves, the better we understand our decisions and how to improve them.

Galvan is integrating with the world’s best devices and APIs to provide you with the most valuable health data possible, including the Apple Watch for your physical fitness and the Canary Speech API to measure your mental fitness.

3. Expertise

Information, no matter how accurate, is only as useful as our ability to interpret it.

Galvan is working to build access to physicians and healthcare providers globally that will serve as a resource for you to make healthy decisions. This network will be expanded over time to all types of healthcare professionals within Galvan.

4. Programs

We transform our lives when we expend the effort to do so.

Galvan is going to provide you with a roadmap and resources to make healthier decisions. These programs will include exercise ideas, nutritional plans, coaches, meditations, and many different ways to empower you to build healthy habits.

5. Community

Finding and providing support makes adopting healthy habits more achievable and fulfilling.

Galvan is going to make healthy decision-making fun and interactive. Through gamification and social features, Galvan will provide you with a community of positivity, motivation, and healthy competition.

6. Reward

We are more likely to form healthy decision-making habits the more we are rewarded for making healthy decisions.

Galvan is creating IZE, a digital reward and ERC-20 token, to immediately incentive and reward the healthy choices of the community. The IZE distribution to Node Owners will begin later this year.


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