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Blue United Health, the blockchain enabled, global health and wellness telemedicine provider, is now offering the Blue Smart Node for purchase to the general public. The Blue Blockchain leverages a next generation smart contract algorithm called Proof of Action to record and reward members’ healthy choices. As with any blockchain, Blue requires the combined work and computing power of a decentralized community to store and authenticate the information stored within it – a process called mining. Blue has developed the Blue Smart Node to make it easy for Blue members, or anybody who wants to earn rewards while improving healthcare delivery, to mine Blue.

The Blue Smart Node is a noninvasive application that intelligently monitors and applies a device’s unused, excess processing power towards mining the Blue Blockchain. What used to require specialized and dedicated hardware can now be done on a simple and almost imperceptible client running in the background on a laptop or desktop computer. While it’s mining, the Blue Smart Node also earns rewards in the form of Blue, the native token of the Blue Blockchain.

Blue subscribers and nonsubscribers alike can register and pay for a Blue Smart Node on the Blue United Health website. Installing and running the Blue Smart Node requires only a minimal degree of technical ability – about the same needed to open and use a Web browser. Early registrants may also qualify for an introductory price.

Healthy living has its rewards.

To register for a Blue Smart Node and join the community of people who are CHAINging health and wellness for the better, visit


About Blue
Get Blue and Get Better

Launched by a partnership between health and wellness executives and technologists in 2019, Blue is a telemedicine subscription service coupled to a blockchain and native token (cryptocurrency) that leverages smart contracts to authenticate and immediately incentivize the healthy choices of its subscribers. Blue seeks to transform medical delivery on a global scale by redefining the cost/benefit relationship between healthcare and healthy living.

Like other next generation cryptocurrencies, Blue has adopted the Proof of Action protocol to enhance and optimize the action/proof/reward functionality inherent in blockchain programming. Through the activation of the Proof of Work algorithm, Blue members are rewarded on a daily basis for engaging in healthy activities and for sharing the biometric data those activities produce. From taking a 5-minute walk, to refilling a prescription, to getting a good night’s sleep, Blue members are rewarded for making healthy choices and for cryptographically sharing the data those choices produce. Data is always secure, always encrypted, always anonymous, and always rewarded – thanks to the Blue blockchain.

Through Blue, members gain on-demand access to a comprehensive network of board-certified healthcare professionals. Members’ subscription costs can be offset, or even completely paid for, through their Blue rewards, making healthy living the only prerequisite for excellent healthcare.

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