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A new sensation is in the neighborhoods of DeFi, and that sensation is BetSwirl. Following several months of development, improvement and planning, BetSwirl launches on Polygon. A transparent, fair gambling platform, built for Ethereum-compatible blockchains, this platform aims to safely and rewardingly thrill lovers of online gaming with their favorite games and more.

For a start, the BetSwirl platform features two games: the Dice and the good old Coin Toss. Either game can be played with the project’s native token known as $BETS, and either Polygon’s MATIC or USDC. As can be easily observed, the multiplicity of currencies on the BetSwirl platform is a testament of the team’s dedication towards making its ecosystem as flexible as possible. Already in mainnet having successfully completed a bounty hunt and presale, lovers of DeFi gaming and enthusiasts of blockchain technology can benefit from the BetSwirl project in a number of ways.

As is customary with DeFi projects, buying and holding the $BETS token is the natural first step. However, people who want to stick around long-term have the option of staking for the long-term and for even greater returns on their investments. Another way to earn is the multilevel referral program of the ecosystem. Thoughtfully designed by a people-centric team, the BetSwirl referral program will give users the opportunity to earn income even without needing to play games on the platform or purchase $BETS.

But beyond the earning opportunities made available for users, BetSwirl will tackle several existing problems in the industry. For instance, the platform uses a cutting edge oracle to guarantee true randomness as users play games on their platform. This effort put in by the devs comes from a place of deep desire to ensure that users of their platform get a fair chance every time they toss a coin or roll a die or play just about any game on the platform.

Talking about ownership, the BetSwirl team is already working towards turning the platform into a fully decentralized autonomous organization somewhere down the road.

This will ensure that holders of the $BETS token will be able vote on important issues and generally possess the ability to participate in the decisions that will shape BetSwirl’s future.

Also in the works are efforts by the BetSwirl team to build more meaningful relationships and partnerships across the DeFi industry. This is particularly intended to keep the BetSwirl ecosystem in tune with the most modern and useful technologies, practices and innovations that will ensure that the ecosystem becomes and remains the future of online DeFi gaming. An obvious effect of all of these will be the eventual win; directly and/or indirectly for holders of the $BETS token, investors, gamers, and everyone involved with BetSwirl

More About BetSwirl

BetSwirl  is a cross-chain DeFi gaming platform that seeks to bring true decentralization to the online gaming industry. It leverages Polygon’s growing popularity and minimal gas fee, to create dynamic experiences that rival existing norms in the industry. Led by a fully doxxed team, the BetSwirl project prides itself in a futuristic approach to ecosystem development. Beyond the usual offers of everyday betting platforms, BetSwirl is already laying the foundations of a metaverse inclined ecosystem. Together with ongoing efforts to accommodate more blockchain protocols, chains and tokens, BetSwirl is positioning itself for the future.

What’s Polygon?

Polygon is the world’s premier platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Its inspiring suite of products offers developers a ton of useful tools some of which are: hybrid solutions, data availability solutions, L2 solutions (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), stand-alone and enterprise chains, sidechains and several others. Developers are loving Polygon in their numbers and the stats show this.

To put this in perspective, the Polygon technology has enjoyed rapid adoption and recognition in the industry. At the time of writing, no less than 1 billion transactions have been processed through it. Polygon also serves as host to over 3000 dApps and around 100 million user addresses. As an Ethereum Developer, you’re already a Polygon developer! Feel free to jump on Polygon’s innovative technology as you build faster and more secure dApps.

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