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Acclaimed actress Margot Robbie has shared an interesting anecdote about her husband’s affinity for Bitcoin (BTC), coining a term that is gaining interest in the crypto world.

The Australian actress, known for her roles in several blockbuster movies, including Barbie, revealed that she playfully refers to her husband’s interest in cryptocurrency as “Big Ken Energy.”

Speaking during an interview with Fandango on June 21, the actress revealed that her husband, Tom Ackerley, who is also the co-producer of the film Barbie, discussed Bitcoin with the other producer, David Heyman.

She noted that, during the discussions, her and the director, Greta Gerwig, couldn’t help but burst into laughter. The revelations emerged after the interviewer asked Robbie about the term “Ken” and how one can spot a “Ken.”

“That’s such a Ken. That’s so funny because when we were in prep for this movie, two of our wonderful producers, one of whom is also my husband, when David and Tom would like to start talking about Bitcoin (BTC) or something, they’re being such Kens,” she said.

It is worth noting that the term Ken is derived from the Barbie movie. Notably, in the movie, Barbie and Ken experience a vibrant life in Barbie Land but find joy and challenges when they venture into the real world.

Impact of Robbie’s statement on Bitcoin

The unexpected revelation sparked intrigue among fans and crypto enthusiasts alike. For instance, it caught the attention of Michael Saylor, the renowned Bitcoin advocate and former CEO of MicroStrategy, who stated that ‘Bitcoin is Big Ken Energy.’

While Robbie didn’t delve into the technicalities during the interview, it appears that the term emphasizes the enthusiasm and passion people feel when discussing Bitcoin and its potential impact on the financial world.

The phenomenon also highlights the increasing influence of popular figures in shaping the perception of cryptocurrencies. Celebrities like Margot Robbie openly discussing Bitcoin can potentially lead to broader adoption and understanding of this innovative technology.

What makes this story intriguing is not just Margot Robbie’s husband, Tom Ackerley’s, interest in Bitcoin but the fact that he shares this interest with David Heyman. Notably, Heyman is a renowned English film producer known for producing all eight films in the famous Harry Potter saga.