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Blockchain is undoubtedly revolutionizing the gaming industry. Today, concepts such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), play-to-earn (P2E), and the metaverse have gained interest from mainstream gamers and institutional investors.

In the past, gamers would spend their time and money playing games and buying in-game assets without receiving any monetary rewards in return. But with blockchain gaming, everyone has the opportunity to earn passive income while having fun.

However, in recent times, P2E games have lost their fun as the ability to earn incentives has become the major reason to play them. Balatron’s Hooligans promises to be different, and it’s preparing to launch a “fun first” play-to-earn game for every gamer.

About Balatoon’s Goons

baloon hooligans (GOB) is a hybrid metaverse project with 2D/3D interface. It gives users access to a free-to-play/earn blockchain game that affects trading card strategies and land ownership. GOB promises to bring players “fun first”, then earning opportunities.

The GOB game is being built with the Unity and Ethereum blockchains and an immutable X layer 2 solution to support NFTs. The game allows players to own and control the in-game NFTs required for game functions. These NFT rewards make room for more earning opportunities and can be traded on secondary NFT marketplaces.

The game integrates functional NFTs into its platform to improve gameplay and increase engagement. These assets are not prerequisites for joining the GOB ecosystem or playing the game.

Assets include Goon characters, which are in-game avatars that differentiate one player from another and guarantee superior play-to-earn rewards. Since they are NFTs, no two goon characters can be exactly alike.

For each goon, a goon bod can be constructed, which are body-enhancing NFTs that the player uses to their avatars to clients.

Other major NFTs are Goon Cards, which allow users to play games and understand the ecosystem. The cards are not all NFT, but NFT-based cards are the most valuable and desired among all.

One of the things that makes GOB stand out from the market is that it aims to lower the barriers to entry into the existing play-to-earn gaming ecosystem. It does so by offering users a gaming experience through a free play-to-earn model.

It encourages inclusion by allowing Web2 gamers to access features on its Web3 platform without a crypto wallet. Hence, its 2D/3D hybrid interface serves the users of both the gaming spaces.

Additionally, GOB improves the efficiency of its Metaverse platform and gaming platform by integrating ImmutableX, a layer-2 scaling solution. ImmutableX helps GOB enhance users’ gaming experiences, supports instant transactions with zero gas charges.

The GOB development team is made up of industry professionals with experience in trading card games, NFT games, web, esports and blockchain development.

GOB Token

GOB is the native cryptocurrency of the GOB ecosystem that powers the game economy and serves utility and governance purposes. The token has a fixed supply of 750 million GOB.

Gamers can actively earn GOBs by actively playing or renting their in-game NFTs to other players and sharing their rewards. Additionally, Staking (not listed) Goons NFT and Goon Bods offer daily $GOB token rewards.


GOB Received $2.46M To Achieve Its Goals

Last month, Balatron goons completed a funding round in which it raised more than $2.4 million from investors. The funding includes some of the big names in the industry, including Vulcan Forged, June Capital, Merit Circle Inc., and more.

The project will use its new capital injection to accelerate the development of its card game and ecosystem. GOB will also leverage its partnership with investors to access new opportunities.


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