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On the back of LUNA and UST’s collapse in May, hacktivist collective Anonymous has vowed to “make sure” Terra Co-founder Do Kwon is “brought to justice as soon as feasible.”

On Sunday, a video allegedly made by the hacker collective Anonymous rehashed a long list of Kwon’s alleged wrongdoings. This includes withdrawing $80 million per month from UST and LUNA before the latter’s collapse and his part in the demise of the stablecoin Basis Cash. Do Kwon is reported to have co-founded the latter in late 2020 under the alias “Rick Sanchez.” The video message said,

“Do Kwon, if you are listening, sadly, there is nothing that can be done to reverse the damage that you have done. At this point, the only thing that we can do is hold you accountable and make sure that you are brought to justice as soon as possible.”

Criticism for Do Kwon

To reveal Do Kwon’s alleged misdeeds, the group announced that it will be investigating his conduct since he first involved himself in crypto. Additionally, Anonymous blasted Kwon for using “arrogant tactics” to harass rivals and detractors and for “appearing as he will never fail.”

Anonymous, a decentralized multinational activist collective, is well known for planning cyberattacks against public and commercial sector targets, including the Church of Scientology.

In the past, its YouTube channel has attacked Tesla CEO Elon Musk for supposedly “killing lives” by manipulating the crypto-markets using his influence on Twitter.

Anonymous isn’t the only one after Do Kwon, however. The South Korean government is still looking into Terraform Labs. The country’s authorities recently assembled a special investigative team made up of all of the organization’s operating staff and programmers to enhance the process of illuminating the case.

In fact, according to reports, there are now restrictions on Terraform Labs employees and developers leaving the country.

How is the community reacting?

Many on Twitter and YouTube seemed to encourage the hacker group’s intention to pursue Kwon, with one poster referring to Anonymous as “today’s Robin Hood.”

On the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit, commenters criticized the hacker group for issuing an empty threat against Kwon. They alleged that the group gave no new information to the public, criticizing the video message as garnering greater mistrust. One commentator stated,

“Anonymous is so teen bop now […] This anon video is so non-threatening it’s almost bizarre.”

Do Kwon is presently the subject of many investigations by the South Korean government. One of these investigations is over the suspected theft of Bitcoin from the business’s treasury.


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