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Legendary Hall of Famer Magic Johnson to Release NFTs in Partnership with NBA Top Shot

Quick take:

  • Earvin Magic Johnson is set to release his very first NFTs in partnership with NBA Top Spot.
  • The NFTs with be in the form of an Anthology set reserved for iconic plays from NBA legends.
  • Magic Johnson’s NFTs will be available on June 7th and contain rare and spectacular moments of his career.
  • The NFTs will be in 1,600 packs, each retailing for $399.

The Legendary NBA Hall of Famer, Earvin Magic Johnson, has announced via Twitter that he intends to launch his first NFT collection in partnership with NBA Top Spot.

Magic Johnson’s NFTs Will be in the form of an Anthology

Magic Johnson is a five-time NBA champion, a three-time finals MVP, a three-time NBA MVP, a twelve-time NBA All-star, and a member of the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team. His NFTs, in collaboration with NBA Top Shot, will be in the form of an Anthology set ‘reserved for iconic plays from NBA legends.’

The NFT collection will drop on June 7th and contain rare and legendary Magic Johnson moments.

A total of 1,600 anthology packs will be issued, and each will retail at $399. Within each pack will be one of four Magic Johnson moments that took place in seasons when he won the NBA Championship with the Los Angeles Lakers. Each Anthology pack will contain ‘a single guaranteed Magic Johnson Moment NFT in either the Legendary or Rare tier.’

The NFTs will Feature 4 Magic Johnson Moments.

The four Magic Johnson moments to be featured in the NFT collection are as follows:

  • Never Fear, E.J. Is Here: during game six of the 1980 NBA finals, Magic Johnson was started at center against the Philadelphia 76ers despite being a rookie. Magic went on to post 42 points, 15 rebounds, 7 assists, and 3 steals. His performance during the game will be memorialized with a fearless and-one layup against the 76ers.
  • Now You See it, Now You Don’t: in the 1984 – 85 season, one of Magic Johnson’s assists during the victory over the Phoenix Suns will be immortalized in the NFTs. Magic’s assist ‘starts with the 6’9 guard grabbing a rebound, leading the transition fast break, deceiving a duo of defenders with a dynamic handle and dishing a dime for an emphatic slam.’
  • Hocus Pocus Pass: Magic Johnson’s rare assist moment in the 133 – 115 victory against the San Antonio Spurs will also be turned into an NFT. During the game in the 1987 – 88 Championship season, Magic conjured an assist that was ‘more special and mind-bending than a head fake and ball fake combo.’
  • Game. Set. Magic: In the 1986 – 87 finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics, Magic Johnson denied the Celtics a victory by ‘[catching] an inbounds pass along the baseline and instantly turns into a running, one-footed leaping bank shot over a double team that bounces off the glass right through the net and beats the buzzer for the surprise 115-114 victory.’

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