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Restaurant software giant Lavu enables crypto payments in more than 65 countries

Global restaurant software provider Lavu announced on May 19, that they’re now in cooperation with Verifone a global FinTech payment solution provider.

The partnership will offer smooth integration of Lavu’s restaurant software suite with the Verifone FLEX payment options, enabling the companies based in more than 65 countries to offer a unique point of sale (POS) solution with multiple modern payment methods to their customers.

In essence, this will enable the companies to offer a unique point of sale (POS) solution to their customers. Whatsmore this strategic partnership will kick off with the Verifone Engage e285 device outfitted with Lavu’s tablet-based POS.

The following payment methods were announced: Alipay, Affirm, cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and several USD stablecoins) using crypto wallets such as PayPal, Venmo, WeChat Pay, Klarna, Swish, and Vipps.

Available Lavu payment methods on Verifone’s E285 device. Source: Lavu

Alternatively, the crypto world was recently bombarded by news from Christine Legarde, President of the European Central Bank, who stated that ‘Bitcoin is worth nothing’.

Her recent statements come as central banks remain skeptical of cryptocurrencies, with leading countries looking for more regulation for the space.

Certainly, that crypto, like any investment is risky; however, the recent collapse of another stablecoin has raised alarms among regulators who are becoming more impatient with the possibility of crypto markets regulating themselves.

On the whole, crypto enthusiasts have reasons to remain bullish on crypto as more adoption could lead to more stability and predictability in the markets. Even satirical projects aim at making the markets more stable and secure for the end-users.

With such a vibrant and creative community it seems only a matter of time before markets stabilize and continue their uptrend.


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