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Follow Money fight slavery 2022 summit – anti-human trafficking Intelligence initiative

Who We Are

The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative, a 501(c)3 US-based nonprofit, aims to disrupt the market of human trafficking, child exploitation and child sexual abuse material (CSAM) through the advancement of preventions, detection, investigation and reporting mechanisms.  ATII is committed to raising awareness and developing strategic partnerships with intelligence, technology, and data leaders.

Our Team

We could not do the quality and quantity of work we do with just our core team. Our volunteers, or “experteers”, and interns bring passion, expertise, and determination into the investigation process. Our many global task forces are constantly collecting data around illicit activities in cryptocurrency, darkweb, and open-source platforms that can be used to augment investigations by law enforcement agencies.

We also have accumulated a variety industry thought leaders who serve on our Advisory Council. This rapid expansion of effort, passion, and positive impact has made ATII a strong force for good in the anti-human trafficking space.

Collectively we bring unique talents to the table, and we’ve joined forces to combat global human trafficking by leveraging corporate social responsibilities directly through advocacy awareness, intelligence integration, technology advancement, and strategic data collaboration.

Our Work

ATII works with multiple financial institutions like banks and cryptocurrency exchanges/bitcoin ATM providers – to provide them with multiple tools that seamlessly integrate Anti-Human Trafficking Programs within their compliance, KYC, AML, BSA, Risk Management, and Data Analytics Platforms.

Our High-Risk Human Trafficking Dataset includes business and independent identifiers like names, businesses, emails, phones, addresses, websites that can match up with their customer base. This allows them to get red flags that trigger an Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) process so they can investigate with more context.

We are pioneering a change in the existing approach that industries (i.e., Financial, law enforcement, retail, legal, hospitality) employ in the prevention, detection, and reporting of human trafficking & child exploitation.

Our Initiatives

ATII is committed to raising awareness and developing strategic partnerships with intelligence, technology, and data leaders. Because of our commitment we are hosting two complimentary consortiums, specific to cryptocurrency and the retail industry.

Our Anti-Human Trafficking Cryptocurrency Consortium boasts over 40 members that come together to strategically access and improve the way organizations identify risks related to human trafficking, child exploitation, and child sexual abuse (CSAM) material within cryptocurrency transactions.

Similarly, the members in our Anti-Human Trafficking Retail Consortium identify the same risks within the retail industry, which includes a special focus on the use of gift cards as a payment facilitator of human exploitation.

How We Do It

ATII provides partner companies with tools and strategies to aide in the prevention and detection of human trafficking. Our eLearning courses provide the most current information to thoroughly educate employees on the complexities of human trafficking. When employees learn what human trafficking looks like from the financial perspective, they can apply measures to the KYC process and actively consider human trafficking in the transaction monitoring process.

There are many ways in which stakeholders can collectively work to impede human trafficking activities, with one way being through direct financial interference. By taking advantage of the programs developed by ATII, ethically responsible institutions are not only taking action to protect their consumers, but are also preserving their integrity, reputation, and sustainability.

Why Us?

To combat a financial crime, an organization must thoroughly understand how those crimes play out. As anyone who actively combats trafficking will tell you, human trafficking is by far the most complex crime to investigate.

Our team of experts in the financial and data forensics space pool resources to actively develop a comprehensive suite of products and services catered to following the economic flow of human trafficking. This results in thorough investigations that stand on financial evidence negating the need to drag victims through a trial, further traumatizing them.



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